Once again, I’m going to cave and join “the thing” late … very late

That’s right, people, I’m am about to being The Hunger Games.

Yes, I know. Everyone has already read the book/series. And I know that, since the movie opened the other day, everyone has probably already seen it.

I’m good with that.

I never like to risk getting involved in something that’ll flop and flop badly. I’ve also found that I’m sort of against being part of “the latest thing” on some sort of mixed up principle that I’ve tried to explain to others, and myself, but doesn’t really seem to be explainable.

It’s happened with every “thing”: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Twilight, and now The Hunger Games.

No problems, right? Good.

Anyway, don’t tell me how it ends, but you can tell me what you thought of The Hunger Games as I cave and start the book.

2 thoughts on “Once again, I’m going to cave and join “the thing” late … very late”

    1. If a movie is based on a book, I always try and make a point to read the book first. Maybe it’s a bad idea, though, because the movies usually end up disappointing me. Either way, I’m definitely reading the book first. Thanks for the advice!

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