Other Sensory #1

So, in my continuing attempt to be a more consistent book blogger, here is a new series… that has nothing to do with books! Because of course.

We’re (i.e. I’m) calling it Other Sensory because it will be about the things I use my other senses to do, or simply the other things I do. Not that one uses a different of the five senses to, say, watch a television show than one does to read but… I wrote “other sensory” in my bullet journal list of things to blog about and we’re (i.e. I’m) sticking with it.

I’ll at least try to tie the things I list here to senses, for the sake of being just a little bit more than a consistent blog. A coherent one, if you will.

And so…


  • I’ve been watching my very first Marvel related movie or show. Ever. Shocking, I know, but this whole MCU thing I hear about is quite daunting to start getting into. I am, however, absolutely loving Jessica Jones on Netflix far, far more than I ever thought I would. Maybe because there aren’t so many caped heroes or maybe because the acting is superb. I don’t know. I’m just over halfway through season two as I write this and I’m already annoyed the show has been cancelled.


  • Um… smells… hmm… what scent related things can I talk about here… Well… I don’t burn candles and I don’t wear perfume or use lotions so… My shampoo is ocean scented, as is my soap but… I don’t seek out those scents, nor do I particularly notice that I smell like a day at the beach. Well, this section is getting weird so I’d better move on…


  • Michael Malarkey. I’ve been listening to Michael Malarkey a lot, which is odd because I don’t know of anyone else who does. But, awhile back, his song “Feed the Flames” showed up on one of the many curated lists Spotify creates for you and I’ve been hooked, particularly to that song, since. I’m just starting to explore his other songs and it’s a good thing. In case you haven’t heard “Feed the Flames,” please do…


  • The best new thing I’ve tasted this month, the thing I’ve become a bit addicted to, is watermelon juice. To be fair, I’m sure watermelon juice is not new. It’s new to me. I was looking for orange juice for someone else and got distracted by a display of Tropicana juices in flavors I’d never noticed before (shameful admission time, I’m not a big juice drinker but I hardly ever drink soda so all the water balances out the coffee… right? right!). I spent two days think about trying it before I went back and got it (because I suck at shopping, all shopping… even food and drink shopping). I’m on my second bottle now. If you need a basic, refreshing juice to drink during those hot days of August, try it!


  • I’m not sure I thought this through because… well, because this category could turn out as odd as the scent one. Maybe even more. But let’s not let that happen. So touch… It being the beginning of August and just past two heat waves, touch is a strange thing. The grass is crackly and dead, and itchy if you sit on it. Soft blankets would just turn already roasting world into a proper oven. I wear strappy tank tops and running shorts almost every day, because why not. But even that isn’t fun because it’s humid and sticky, even in air conditioned houses. Oh! I know something good! I got new socks (of which I am too lazy to provide a picture, as if anyone would care about my comfy socks whose brand I have already forgotten… I got them WalMart) and they are soft and nice. Which is especially weird because I usually hate socks in summer. But they have sparkles and bumblebees on them (I know, I know, a picture would be nice but… sorry), and that makes me happy too.

And those are the Other Sensory things for this month. What things are you loving this month? Let me know in the comments, please!

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