Is there a cure for a reading slump?

I have know. Is there a cure for a reading slump?

I’m in one and I hate it. Passionately. More books to read than I can count (went just a little [lot] overboard on the NetGalley requests) and nothing to read, or rather nothing I want to read. I’m poking along in my current read. I hate poking along. I love devouring books too fast and being sad they’re over.

Maybe that’s how reading slumps start: too many amazing books in a row read too fast that make perfectly good books seem dull by comparison.

My usual method of enduring the slump is to let it run it’s course. But that messes with my head.

So how can I better mess with my head and get back on my preferred “read everything I can get my grubby little paws on” philosophy of life?

Any suggestions?

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