Reviewed: “I Am Radar” by Reif Larsen

I Am RadarReif Larsen’s “I Am Radar” isn’t the book for me.

It’s oddly hard to pinpoint just why I wasn’t able to finish this book. The premise was stronger and the characters were colorful enough to draw me in right away. I suppose, if I have to pinpoint a particular thing – and I probably do to write a review – I’d have to say that there was just too much going on in the early part of this story.

Huge chunks of time passed in the first quarter of the book, too much time to let me properly digest what was going on. Events seemed disjointed somehow, as though they were a list rather than a flow.

I can’t really say much more than that. What I will say is that I am absolutely sure someone will love this book. Just not me.

“I Am Radar” has an expected publication date of February 24, 2015.

(I received a copy of “I Am Radar” through NetGalley in exchanged for a honest review. This review will be cross-posted there, at Goodreads, and on my blog.)

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