Reviewed: “Constable & Toop” by Gareth P. Jones

Constable & ToopI took a chance on this book and I’m a little devastated that I finished it. That’s the sum of it all.

I won the book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway and I entered the giveaway because I thought it seemed like steampunk and I wanted to try steampunk. I don’t think this is steampunk and I no longer care about steampunk because I love every word of this book.

Constable & Toop is a ghost story and I don’t usually do ghost stories. Gareth P. Jones’ book could change things. The trick will be finding more books like this…

The book is sort of like Harry Potter, in that there’s a bureau of ghosts that compares to the Ministry of Magic in JK Rowling’s story. Ghosts can exist in the so-called physical world, but only with permission and under strict orders.

I really like how he explains what the ghosts that haunt houses are and what they can be. I’ve never really even believed in ghosts and I’m not totally sure that I do now, but I do the idea more credit.

Gonna start this book again. Soon.

This is the review I posted on Goodreads.

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