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flash fiction

  • Word Salad #3

    The Random Words (from here) adjective: confident noun: replacement phrase: keep your eyes peeled dinner ideas: snapper name: Laura Larson word: stop verb: devise number: 414 act of kindness: go green – don’t waste paper Word Salad Story Laura Larson was in a bad mood. Working for a coffee shop chain that touted their environmentally… Continue reading

  • Word Salad #2

    For the ‘rules’, please see Word Salad #1. For the random word generator, please see the site. THE RANDOM WORDS dinner ideas: Slow Cooker Chicken and Wild Rice Soup anything: east act of kindness: have lunch with a homeless person letter: J number: 398 phrase: yada yada adjective: famous name: Mallory White verb: attract noun:… Continue reading

  • Word Salad #1

    (I’ve got to stop numbering things like I’m going to do them more than once but… here we are again… maybe this one will stick? Let me know if you like it and I should keep doing it!) Here’s the plan for Word Salad: I’m going to use a random word generator (this one) to… Continue reading

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