Mea Culpa…

So… it’s been a minute. Or six months. But who’s counting?

Here’s the thing.

WordPress spazzed out on me. I couldn’t do anything. The stats page just circled and showed nothing. It showed no posts here on this humble little blog… it was a hot mess.

I contacted WordPress (through a tweet so not too much effort) and they suggested something about clearing caches and cookies and… that gave me nightmares about getting signed out of the many sites I’ve clicked “remember my password” or “keep me signed in” and almost immediately forgotten said passwords.

I signed up for a free account at Wix (because I am nothing if not reliably cheap) but… have you ever tried to make a blog at Wix? Absolutely nothing working here at WordPress made more sense than their supposedly easy tutorials. And I feel like there are more personalization options here so… I missed my old pal WordPress.

Then yesterday, as I was falling asleep, I realized… what if I tried signing out of my WordPress account? It’d either sign me in to things working again or I’d have to create a whole new account. Deciding I could handle either, I gave it a go with nothing to lose.

And here I am.

All seems to be in working order so I guess the theory of “when in doubt, sign out” is kind of an account of version of “turn it off, then turn it back on” that tech support and customer service like to start with. (So if there are any WordPress VIPs lurking, give that as your first tip next time!)

I’ve got quite a few books to catch up on reviewing here so… I hope I remember them. And probably if I don’t, they’re not so much worth reviewing.

If anyone is still reading this… hello! I hope all is well and you haven’t been stymied by… things as I have!

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