Reviewed: “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” by Beverly Cleary

My second grade teacher Mrs. Bucci gave everybody a book at the end of the year. Many kids did not want books but I did. I vaguely remember not wanting a book about a mouse riding a motorcycle but I’m not, and never have been, overly picky when it comes to books so I’ve kept it all these long years.

I did think I’d lost it, or sold it at a yard sale, for about a decade there but, alas, Pandemic Stress Cleaning induced the realization that I needed to see what was in the box underneath all the other boxes in my closet and… treasure trove of books I loved as a kid!

Ralph S. Mouse included!

Ralph is flippin’ adorable. His human buddy Keith is also pretty adorable. Ralph’s antics and adventures are so much fun to read, even as an adult.

One a scale of One to Don’t Tell Me, how odd is it that I’d absolutely 100% read more books about Ralph S. Mouse? Like, today?

Now to decide if I’m putting Ralph in the pile meant for my nephew & niece or keeping him for nostalgia’s sake…

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