Filling in the gaps…

Well, we’re in Month 5 (ish) of Pandemic Times. I don’t know how things have gone for you, book-wise, but they have slowed to a crawl for me. And you know, that’s fine.

Annoying, but fine.

I wanted to be the person who clears away a good chunk of her TBR while staying home and staying safe. I really did. That, however, was not meant to be.

The COVID-19 situation has, if anything, made me stress… but about different things. There are an overwhelming amount of things to be stressed about and I’ve always been someone who sees a tiny crumb of something and magnifies it a thousand times. I’m not so much that person anymore. Maybe it’s that there is so precious little we have control over in these times.

In any case, posting regularly (or not) on this modest little blog of mine is something I’m not longer willing to allow myself anxiety attacks about. I have a blog, I’ll post on it. When doesn’t matter so much in the grand scheme of things. No more schedules (which I have managed to stick to exactly zero times) and no more elaborate plans (that I never follow through on).

Basically, I’m done guilting myself.

I’ll read books when I’m in the mood, I’ll read the books I’m in the mood for, and I’ll talk about bookish things here when I want to.

That’s my plan.

Let me know how the pandemic has affected your reading, blogging, and otherwise escapist lifestyles!

Stay safe & wear your mask!

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