Other Adventures… Getting Lost in My Family Tree

Pandemic Times has seriously killed my creativity, probably. Can’t get into anything. Or couldn’t rather.

Then one day about a week, maybe ten days, ago I was cleaning out unread emails and saw one from FamilySearch and thought to myself “that’ll be a fine way to waste some time.”

And so, as soon as I got myself a new password there – because who can remember passwords, I kind of accidentally figured out how to use the Family Tree feature on the site and…

…well, that’s the rabbit hole I’ve been down for days and days now. Someone(s) has done a lot of work on part of my family and I’m descended from knights and farmers, reverends and governors, somebody who signed the Mayflower Compact and somebody who bankrupted Gutenberg.

The history lover in me, which is basically who I am, is over the freakin’ moon. The book lover in me is glad to know that one Peter Schoffer (he who bankrupted Gutenberg) is why I might have a book hoarding problem. It’s fun, it’s fascinating, and it makes me forget (even for a moment) all the other crap going on around me.

And I’m even hopeful that I can find something in the tree to base a story idea on… and I’ve already got one big possibility!

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