To Blurb or Not To Blurb…

Tell me, fellow readers, do you ever pay attention to the blurbs on books?

If Stephen King’s name is listed under a quote on the cover of a thriller, are you more likely to buy that thriller?

Have you been left awfully disappointed by the book you bought because John Green said it was good?

Does it annoy you when there’s no synopsis for the book you’re thinking of buying, only a list of blurbs not even always related only to that book?

Me… I used to pay attention to the blurbs. I used to think it was important, that I should like the books that the authors I like liked. Lots of ‘like’ going on there and, to be honest, I can think of precious few that I actually agreed with. I always end up wondering if the author even read the book or some publicist wrote the blurb (after maybe reading the book) and Best Selling Author gave consent for their name to be attached to it.

It seems only fair to note here that, were I ever to be a published author, I would absolutely not say no to Best Selling Author blurbing my book.

Is that a bit hypocritical? Perhaps. But if somebody asked me blurb their book, I’d make them let me read it first.

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