Writing Groups, Writing Circles, Beta Readers…

I’m not really a newbie, more of a lurker. I know what writing groups and writing circles are, what they can be. I just don’t know how to get involved in that sort of thing. And I want to change that this year.

So let’s call this post both simple content for my blog and an offer/request.

The request is this… any advice on getting involved in online writing communities? I’m talking feedback, trading things to read and talk about, bouncing ideas… all that sort of writer-y stuff. Are there some sites or groups that you like better than others? Any I should avoid?

The offer is this… I have things that I’ve written that I want to submit to agents and publishers. I also want more feedback than I have on these things. So if you’re like me, and you have something you’re working on but want some feedback on, do you want to trade work? I’ll read yours if you’ll read mine?

I do have a bit of experience with this, having read, edited, and generally critiqued fanfiction stories for a number of people. I also helped edit one self-published romance story and another novel that was bought by a publisher. I wasn’t paid for it, because I was helping friends, but it still counts. And I want to help not-yet-friends too, if you want to help me.

So… any advice on writing groups and writing communities? Are you in one? Do you want to trade work?

Gosh, I sound needy but let’s just call it having a conversation, alright? Alright!

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