Reviewed: “Husband Material” by Emily Belden

This book was an up and down ride for me.

It was quick and easy, didn’t take too much thought. But it was also not quite compelling enough that I could read it fast.

The premise and plot were both unique and interesting, and too unique and a little weird.

The main characters (a programmer/app developer named Charlotte, her stereotypically quirky roommate Casey, her dead husband’s BFF, Bryan…) were fine, all carefully in their lanes of slightly stereotyped and a bit predictable but interesting enough just the same.

The cover hasn’t got a darn thing to do with the plot, that I can tell you, so if you’re expecting one story based on the cover (like I was), you are in for a surprise. I’m not sure what the cover says, but it does not say what’s in the story.

What’s in the story is… a little weird. And yet a little endearing. Can it be both? Why not? It’s both.

The idea of husband ‘material’ has a lot of interpretations in Emily Belden’s story. Everything from dating apps searching for the perfect mate to what happens to our bodies after we die. In a way, and maybe it’s just me, that makes the title a pun which is very good… and weird.

Anyway, to summarize… HUSBAND MATERIAL is not the story I was expecting, given the cover art and the title. But it is not a bad story, not at all.

It’s fine.

(I received a copy of HUSBAND MATERIAL through NetGalley and Graydon House in exchange for an honest and original review. All thoughts are my own.)

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