Featured Cover Fridays #1: “The Orchardist”

Thanks to the lovely, incredible Mandy at Devouring Books for the idea to talk about book covers that caught, catch, and will catch my eye! I needed something for Fridays, she suggested this, I looked at my shelves, and suddenly I had a list of 18+ covers I want to talk about! Go check out her blog!

Featured Covered Friday…

First, a little summary of the story… borrowed from Goodreads, as you do…

One day, while in town to sell his fruit at the market, two girls, barefoot and dirty, steal some apples. Later, they appear on his homestead, cautious yet curious about the man who gave them no chase. Feral, scared, and very pregnant, Jane and her sister Della take up on Talmadage’s land and indulge in his deep reservoir of compassion. Yet just as the girls begin to trust him, brutal men with guns arrive in the orchard, and the shattering tragedy that follows sets Talmadge on an irrevocable course not only to save and protect them, putting himself between the girls and the world, but to reconcile the ghosts of his own troubled past. from Goodreads

And now, the cover… T he cover of Amanda Coplin’s novel is gorgeous. It’s the type of thing I would absolutely pick up based on cover alone, to either read the synopsis or just make an outright cover buy. I didn’t do either of these things, because this was the first giveaway I won on Goodreads, but I would have. And I’m going to assume one of the reasons I entered the giveaway was because of the cover. I don’t really remember.

But the cover… the cover is stunning. The back flap says it’s a photograph acquired through Ocean/Corbis so I’m thinking that it’s probably not an old photograph, but a new photograph made to look old. There isn’t really any doubt that the farm featured in the photo is in the Pacific Northwest. The mountains ringing the background are proof of that. It’s obviously a remote valley, a quiet place in an unquiet world.

But the close proximity of the bushes and branches and leaves at the bottom give a sense of foreboding, a sense of something about to upend the peace and quiet for the people who live on the farm.

And that is the story of the book. Peace interrupted, quiet turned on it’s side.

The coloring on the cover, the perspective lines… they give an air of being both absolutely intense and absolutely alone. You just know something is going to happen, and that something probably won’t be good.

There are no people on the cover so there are no clues to the characters and what happens to them. And that, I think, only adds to the atmospheric sense of what’s inside.

When I was reading “The Orchardist”, as I recommend all loves of historical fiction or fans of foreboding covers do, I got carried away in the stunning story. But sometimes a reader has to put a book down, always a sad moment. Every time I closed this book, set it aside, I looked at the cover. And the cover made me want to pick the book right back up.

I haven’t re-read this book, yet, but the cover is never far from my mind.

This book has the perfect cover for the story inside. And the deckled edges give it just the right old-timey feel too!

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