Reviewed: “Ten Things My Cat Hates About You” by Lottie Lucas

I don’t giggle. Catch me giggling and you’ve done well to break through to me. Laughing loud, yes, and quiet stoicism, yes. Nearly never the thing, giggling, between the two.

So the fact that TEN THINGS MY CAT HATES ABOUT YOU made me giggle, countless times, bumped it from a four-ish star read to five. It is such a stinkin’ cute story!

Clara Swift has only one steady man in her life… Casper the cat. Casper has opinions about the other men who show up in her life, hence the title of the book. This would seem to stretch credulity and yet… it doesn’t. Everybody knows that cats are some of the most opinionated creatures, next to humans, to exist. So why wouldn’t Casper ‘accidentally’ knock a potted plant onto the foot of a sexy, but sometimes insufferable professor? Of course he would!

And when a sexy, and also sometimes insufferable veterinarian joins the love triangle, Casper takes a liking to him. This works too, because it proves that just like his human, Casper can get some things wrong in how he sees and judges people.

That is the saving grace of this story… that Casper is fallible, where some authors would have made him all-knowing. Basically, Casper is what pets are to the humans who love them – someone to rely on. I know I trusted my cat and my dogs judgment of people!

Set in the romantic Cambridge, England, this story incorporates the august halls of study at the university, the quirky museums and quirky curators who no doubt exist everywhere, the complexities of existing as part of family and friends, the bliss and devotion of having a pet (being adopted by one, really), and the romance that can plague you or raise you.

It is an adorable, funny, sweet, silly, loving story and I am so grateful to have read it. It’s just what I needed!

(I received a copy of TEN THINGS MY CAT HATES ABOUT YOU through NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest and original review. All thoughts are my own.)

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