Word Salad #3

The Random Words (from here)

  • adjective: confident
  • noun: replacement
  • phrase: keep your eyes peeled
  • dinner ideas: snapper
  • name: Laura Larson
  • word: stop
  • verb: devise
  • number: 414
  • act of kindness: go green – don’t waste paper

Word Salad Story

Laura Larson was in a bad mood. Working for a coffee shop chain that touted their environmentally friendly mission, she was irritated that customer #414 of the day had just walked away with at least a foot of paper in the form of a receipt. Six ads, two coupons, and a survey seemed like unnecessary things to print every time someone ordered a Cafe Americano. Never-minding what ink did to the environment.

It had to stop.

And Laura was confident that she could devise a replacement plan.

After all, the company had said they would keep their eyes peeled and they were offering incentives for ideas to be even more conscious of the environment.

But her shift was over and she had to stop at the grocery store for something healthy and tasty to eat. She settled on snapper.

And that gave her an idea for a slogan, not the snapper itself but the time spent in line waiting to buy it.

Go green – don’t waste paper!

They could tie it to matcha and green tea, some of their biggest sellers, and since most of the customers paid with their phones, send an email with the receipt, the coupons, the ads, and the survey Laura doubted anyone ever filled out. It was easier to trash an email than a paper receipt, and her shoe box full of receipts was evidence of just that!

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