Four Star Fridays… what might have been…

I’m getting a bit ridiculous here on my blog, I know. Always starting things I mean to make series and/or themes in the hopes that I’ll actually keep up with them and have good, productive content. It’ll work, one day. Maybe.

Anyway, I’m going to admit my failings here and explain them. At least for the theme I’d settled on (not for the first time) for Fridays.

The theme was Four Star Fridays. The goal was to give a book I rated four stars a little love and exposure.

The trouble is this…

I was looking at my four star books on Goodreads and… I don’t remember enough details about most of them to bother trying to put together a post that counts as love and exposure. Sorry, all my four star reads.

So… I’m in the market for a new Friday theme.

Any suggestions???

2 thoughts on “Four Star Fridays… what might have been…”

  1. Hmmm. Tough question. I do top 5 Saturdays where I have a topic every week and people participate with books of that topic they’d like to read or have read…. what about cover love fridays? Or wishlist friday? Or featured author/book Friday?

    1. Oh! Covers would be an excellent discussion topic for Fridays! I have opinions on covers, trends in covers, I’ve made cover buys… I think I just might play around and try that idea! Thanks!

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