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Word Salad #1

(I’ve got to stop numbering things like I’m going to do them more than once but… here we are again… maybe this one will stick? Let me know if you like it and I should keep doing it!)

Here’s the plan for Word Salad:

I’m going to use a random word generator (this one) to get a word, noun, verb, name, adjective, phrase, number, letter, anything, dinner ideas, act of kindness… I’ll post the list here and then I will make a flash fiction type story out of them.

That’s the goal.

  • dinner ideas: Bang-Bang Shrimp
  • anything: west
  • act of kindness: compliment someone today!
  • letter: r
  • number: 305
  • phrase: put a sock in it
  • adjective: large
  • name: Nathaniel Underwood
  • verb: nod
  • noun: competition
  • word: update

Nathaniel Underwood was not in a very good mood at all. His iPhone was doing an update and it was going to take hours. This did not bode well for a work lunch at the Stingray Grille, because work lunches inevitably turned into a competition about who had impressed the boss most during the week. Nathaniel didn’t care one way or the other. He’d done his job well enough to get a nod from the taciturn boss and that was enough for him. He needed his phone to keep his cool while everyone else bragged themselves up. They’d never gone to the Stingray Grille before and he was confused as to why the waitstaff only had letters on their nametags. The cute girl who took their orders was apparently called R. Nathaniel told R that he wanted a large green tea and then, because the items on the menu all inexplicably had numbers in front of them, ordered #305 without reading what it was. He couldn’t really, since he was facing west and the sun was glaring off a car windshield and into his eyes. R gave him a fortune cookie, though the restaurant was not Chinese, and said she’d be back soon. He opened the cookie just as she brought their food.

“Here is your Bang-Bang Shrimp,” she said with a smile at the same time he read the slip of paper that said “compliment someone today!”

Damn sure he wasn’t going to compliment a co-worker, he told the waitress who could say the name of his dish with such an honest smile that he liked her necklace.

His co-workers laughed like the children they acted like.

He told them to put a sock in it.


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