Coming Soon! Four Star Fridays!

I’m going to be a better, more consistent book blogger… come hell or high water, as it were. I need to do more than post reviews, sometimes with randomness. I need to have regular things that I post regularly. (And yes, I know I’ve said this before but… this time will be the time… hold me too that, please. Somebody?)

Anyway, I’ve been doing some brainstorming and I’ve got some ideas that I’m becoming more fond of the more I think about them.

Of course, I’ve already altered the main one, which might not bode well for the future but… c’est la vie!

(Is it bad that I’m posting this to hold myself to it while also giving myself an out? Maybe. I’m just a mess!)

The idea I had originally was for a series called Five Star Fridays in which I feature, you guessed it, books that I gave five stars too. My favorite books, if you will, the ones I will read again and have & will badger other people to read.


Five star books get all the love. If I gave a book five stars, all the reasons why are probably in a rambly, glowing review right here on my little blog. Five star books are often ones that get or got a lot of hype and love and attention. And usually with good reason.

But why should I talk about what everybody else talks about? Why shouldn’t I be a little bit original? (Is this idea original? I doubt it. Do I care? No. All credit to whoever did it before, I’m doing it now.) Five star books are just fine. But you know who needs a little love?

Four star books.

The almost perfect ones that are maybe missing just that one thing, that could’ve done that one thing just a little better, that book that let you wanting just a little bit more. Those books need a little love, and I want to give those books (and their authors!) the love they deserve so…

Four Star Fridays

Beginning August 2, right here. One book a week, one book that is almost perfect that I think you should try. Are you excited?

I am!

See you Friday, I’m off to pick my first feature!

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon! Four Star Fridays!”

  1. This sounds like fun! Can’t wait to see your new series! If you’re trying to get more consistent then maybe you should try and join my Top 5 Recommendation Saturday series! Each Saturday I have a topic and then everyone who participates picks their top 5 books that they want to read or have read in the topic. I’ve done sequels, boarding school settings, high fantasy, fairy tale retellings, witches and more.

      1. I would love if you joined! This week’s post goes up in the morning, but I forgot to tag you. So just check it out! I always link everyone’s posts at the bottom too if they do it.

      2. And last night I got upset I forgot to check your site to do that! So I’ve now, because I love your site and this idea, also followed you on twitter and instagram to make sure I don’t miss anything!

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