Reviewed: “The Killer Next Door” by Alex Marwood

THE KILLER NEXT DOOR is a wild, wild ride. A few bumps along the way, as most mystery thrillers have, but a wild ride nonetheless.

Murder(s). Super creepy killers. Sassy old ladies. Women with secrets. Runaway girls. Pervy slumlords. Proverbial knights in shining armor. A smattering of mafia types and cops.

It’s all there.

Along with an absolutely fabulous story.

The title is a the first red herring, as it were, because Vesta, Cher, Collette, Hossein, Thomas, Gerard… they all live in the same house. One of them is a killer (of the super creepy variety) one is a sassy old lady, one is a woman with a secret, one is a runaway girl, one is a proverbial knight in shining armor, and one is… a lurker?

The body count is high in this book, maybe six or seven. There isn’t just one killer. Some of the victims deserved exactly as they got, most did not.

It’s not a murder mystery. It becomes clear fairly early on that it’s a story about a group of strangers who happen to live in the same rooming house. They all have secrets, secrets they’re desperate to protect and hide. And yet, in the end, most come together to (for a wide range of reasons) to help each other. There’s something hopeful in this story of super creepy murders, really.

And the ending, the twist ending, is just perfect!

The only place it falls badly flat is in the fact that the prologue and epilogue involve police detectives who make exactly one tiny other appearance in the story. It feels like the loose ends could have been tied up without introducing two new, very minor characters.

(I received a copy of THE KILLER NEXT DOOR through NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest and original review. All thoughts are my own. I humbly apologize to Alex Marwood and the publisher for only just reading this now.)

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