Month-to-Month: January to February 2019

As it is now 31 days into 2019, it’s time to step back for a second and take stock of things…

January was my first month truly attempting to use a bullet journal 📒 with any regularity (and no, I’m not good enough at it yet to post any pictures… this blog is called “Adventures With Words” so word will have to suffice for now). I feel like this made me a bit more… motivated? Motivated might be a good word, because while I didn’t write a stunning amount, I did read six books – thus achieving my often unreachable goal of reading six books in a month. So maybe the chart I had for a Reading Tracker worked, and maybe I need to figure one out for writing. If you know of an templates for good Writing Trackers, please let me know below?

On a note unrelated to words, strictly speaking, January was a banner month because my router died and I lost WiFi and it was a moment of pure panic in my world. But I got a pep talk and set up a new router, thus ensuring I could continue to do things like blather here about routers.

On notes related to words:

I did read six whole books! There were two five star reads, two four star reads, and two three stars reads… so not a bad time of it at all.

(Empire Falls by Richard Russo and The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker were the ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reads.)

Things were written but they were not earth shattering, including my continued sporadic attention to this blog.

I finished watching Midsomer Murders and I really hope Netflix gets Series 20 soon! And then, because that was a lot of British countryside crime, I starting watching The Twilight Zone because I couldn’t think of a reason to do anything else.

And so it is now February, the month of 💌 and 💐 and 💕…

My goals for this month are anything but written in stone, because that’s the surest way I’ll never do them.

I have two February ARCs I need to read, I know the titles but I don’t know if they’re about love. It doesn’t matter, the best part of Valentine’s Day is the 50% off candy on February 15!

Reading another six books would be ideal, but five will do just fine.

I’d like to post here or on my instagram (@nilyov if you’d like to follow) at least seven times in February, including this post but book reviews do not.

And I want to make some firm-ish progress on the things I’m writing and trying to create. Maybe even look for someone who might be interested in things I’ve written before.

What about you, then? How was your January? Goals for February?

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