Trying a Readathon: Attempt #2 – #SPOOKATHON

Hello and Happy Halloween! For the month, because it’s still twenty-six days until Halloween. Happy general spirit of books and goodness and bookish goodness!

Sorry! I got a little muddled there but the Backspace button and I shall never meet. Probably. Not here.

To the point, I gave #Contemporaryathon a try last month. There were seven prompts with a goal of reading seven book. I finish one book and dnf’d another but, you know what, that book was freakin’ amazing* so I consider the whole thing a complete success. Basically.

But now it’s time for me to try a second readathon and I’m going to try #Spookathon, which is hosted by BooksandLala, Bookerly, and Peter Likes Books (their YouTube names, go see!) because… why not, right?


So, reserving full rights to make any and all changes because, as BooksandLala said, you can’t really do this readathon wrong, here is my TBR for #Spookathon (which runs from October 15-21, the Twitter handle is @thespookathon, just fyi)…

PROMPT: read a thriller
BOOK: “Cupcakes, Cappuccinos and a Corpse” by Harper Lin

PROMPT: read a book with purple on the cover
BOOK: “The Rain Watcher” by Tatiana de Rosnay

PROMPT: read a book not set in the current time period
BOOK: “The Little Shop of Found Things” by Paula Brackston

PROMPT: read a book with a spooky word in the title
BOOK: “A Soupcon of Poison” by Jennifer Ashley

PROMPT: read a book with pictures
BOOK: “Julia Jones’ Diary” by Katrina Kahler

*That book was VIRGIL WANDER by Leif Enger, please be reading that a.s.a.p, thank you.

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