Anne Shirley is my kindred spirit… I hope

I really do hope that Anne Shirley and I would be kindred spirits, were she real and had I grown up in the late 1800s on Prince Edward Island. A girl can dream, I believe Anne would say, and I have been dreaming the sorts of dreams Anne dreamed since… third grade maybe? I can’t remember exactly.


What I do remember is this… this book, the one in the picture, is the original that I bought. I’d read it enough by the time fifth grade rolled around that, horror of horrors, the cover fell off one day in school. I had my book at school because Mrs. Bright, hands down the best teacher I had ever had, was readingĀ Anne of Green Gables to us after lunch every day. Some kids in the class called this naptime. I did not. I toted my copy and read along with her. I remember she seemed amused and pleased by that. And I remember that when my cover fell off, she used masking tape to put it back on.


That tape remains there to this day.

Anyway, enough about Mrs. Carol Bright of Edison Elementary School (eternal thanks to all the teachers who read) and more about Anne.

But basically it is this… Anne Shirley and the world she lived in, the world L.M. Montgomery imagined, mean as much to me in 2018 as they did in 1991.

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