My first #Readathon… #ContemporaryAThon! (which I will likely fail at)

It’s time.

It’s time for me to give a seven-day #Readathon a try. I don’t know why I keep hashtagging the word instead of putting it in quotation marks. Is there a proper way to say it? Don’t blame me, I’m new at this.

In any case…

It’s time.

I was watching #booktube (really, why stop with the overuse of hashtags now, am I right?), as you do, and found myself watching TBR videos for #ContemporaryAThon (there’s actually supposed to be a hashtag there!). This Readathon is hosted by @chelseadolling (her Twitter handle) and some other people (I apologize to the other people, I looked on Twitter for the proper hashtag and saw her first so we’re going with that… and now overusing parentheses).

For Contemporary-A-Thon, the goal is to read seven (contemporary) books in seven days. The seven days are tomorrow, September 17 through Sunday, September 23. My nephew and niece may be coming to visit this weekend so I will not read seven books, almost certainly, but I figured it’s also a good week to get my feet wet, so to speak, and see if I can read, say, a book a day before trying to actually complete a seven books/seven day challenge, you know, later.

Good plan?

I think so.

Anyway, as you do with these things, I’ve worked up something of a TBR/plan/thought process for this so, without further ado…

  • read a contemporary with orange on the cover –> The Waiter by Matias Faldbakken
  • read a dark/spooky contemporary –> Me (and) Me by Alice Kuipers
  • read a diverse contemporary –> Instructions for a Funeral by David Means
  • read a contemporary written in a non-traditional format –> Julia Jones Diary – Book #1 by Katrina Kahler
  • read a contemporary with my initials somewhere on the cover –> The Mansion by Ezekiel Boone
  • read a contemporary by a new to you (me) author –> Virgil Wander by Leif Enger
  • read a contemporary that is a 5 star prediction –> Paris for One by Jojo Moyes

And that’s my TBR. We’ll see what happens!

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