My (let’s say) 7 1/2 Days of Confusion (and happiness) with Evelyn Hardcastle

Right. So. I’m giving this book five stars.

This is a surprise.

To me.

Because I’m not entirely sure what I just read but… apparently I loved it? *shrugs*

My experience reading this… gotta be honest, I’m not even sure how how to classify this book so let’s say… this book by Stuart Turton went something like this…

*while reading*

me: ooh, historical fiction murder mystery, I like
me: huh?
me: oh that makes…
me: no, that doesn’t make sense at all
me: now it’s starting to make sense
me: no, it’s really not… is this dude (is he Sebastian or Aiden?!?! like, originally) inhabiting other people’s bodies?! wtf?!
me: this is such a… weird way to tell this story
me: these people take a lot of naps
me: huh?
me: and also, huh???
me: why I am emotionally invested in Evelyn Hardcastle and who murdered (or didn’t… and also keeps murdering) her?
me: I accept my emotional investment in these people, how many ever of them are in one body at the same damn time
me: still a little bit huh?
me: omg, I did not expect that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: that was a ridiculous and perfect ending! it should not be the same ending with those two words
me: I’ve gotta read this again
me: also, Stuart Turton, sir? are you writing a prequel? a sequel? a series? more to explain the twist? I’d totally read them! I have no idea why, but I will!

(Many thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Landmark for the ARC copy of this book, which I reviewed in happy confusion, or tried to, with all honesty.)

2 thoughts on “My (let’s say) 7 1/2 Days of Confusion (and happiness) with Evelyn Hardcastle”

    1. I was intimidated by the length, and that I’d requested & got it so long ago I forgot what it was about, but it turned out to be a quick read so I’d say go ahead and bump it up! Just know it’s veeerrryyyy confusing at first but then things start to make sense, and you can’t quit. At least I couldn’t. Here’s hoping it’s the same for you!

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