first books – The Last City (The Last City series)

I am a sucker for supernatural stories, dystopian stories, and YA stories. The first book in Logan Keys’ ‘The Last City’ series ticked all three of those boxes when I read the description on NetGalley. So I was very excited when I was able to read the book.

And all of those things are present in the story. In fact, there are traces of ‘Twilight’ (I’m 99% sure the vampire girl actually watches Twilight at one point), ‘Divergent’ (the place where the lead girl eventually lives is very much a Factionless sort of area), ‘The Hunger Games’ (people are banished to decrepit places while the privileged few engage in many cosmetic surgeries), and ‘The Mortal Instruments’ (there are werewolves and hybrid creature-people and almost magic). Those are the four series that I’ve read so they are my comparison.

None of this is to say that Keys is unoriginal or copied ideas. That’s not true at all. Keys created a world where these things seem to work together, where the catalyst for action is different than in any of the other stories, but where strands from popular culture are woven together in a whole new one.

I originally rated this book three stars out of five but I’m upping it to four stars because, although it didn’t grab me right away and when I read the last page I wasn’t sure I’d want to read more, I realize that it was the first book in a series. First books are meant to set up a world, to explain the world is at it is, and to make a reader want to know more about a character and a plot. All of that was accomplished in this book.

There were dry places, confusing places, and even possibly unnecessary places but, in the time that’s passed between reading it and writing this review… I want to read book 2 as soon as possible!

(I received a copy of THE LAST CITY through NetGalley and Le Chat Publishing in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own & my review is cross-posted at Goodreads, NetGalley, and on my blog.)

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