Reviewed: “The Winter People” by Jennifer McMahon

The Winter PeopleGhosts, history, hauntings, dark magic, and the living dead?

That’s what you get in Jennifer McMahon’s THE WINTER PEOPLE.

These sorts of books can be tricky, the supernatural sort that go back and forth between present day and long, long ago but McMahon handles it brilliantly. Each story could stand alone. Each story does stand alone. And, for once, the switching doesn’t irritate, it makes you want to read each part more. There is no skimming of Sara and Gertie’s story to get to Alice and Ruthie’s or vice versa. You will read both and you will read both closely.

You will wonder if McMahon can possibly tie both faintly fantastical stories together in a believable conclusion that satisfies on all counts.

She can. And she does.

It’s almost Halloween, and this is the perfect Halloween book, though it takes place in January…

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