Reviewed: “Bless Me, Father” by Neil Boyd

Bless Me, FatherI have always loved British comedy television shows dating earlier than 2000 and there is apparently a show based on Neil Boyd’s Bless Me, Father but I haven’t seen it. I want to, having read the book.

The story of Father Neil Boyd, the author’s name is a pen name, who is recently graduated from the seminary and assigned to Father Duddleswell’s parish. Father Neil becomes the sort of watcher of events. He isn’t the most interesting character in the book – Father Duddleswell is, especially when he spars with Mrs. Pring. Father Duddleswell is everything I always thought a Catholic priest would be behind closed doors; funny, ironic, sarcastic, and not nearly as somber as the black of his clothes.

Bless Me, Father reads almost like a collection of short stories in that the three main characters remain the same but each chapter deals with a different set of supporting characters who represent the parish with humor, charm, and truth as they deal with an entirely different set of problems that Father Duddleswell and Father Neil need to solve.

It’s easy to see how it became a television show and I want to watch the show now.

I received a copy of Bless Me, Father from NetGalley and Open Road Integrated Media in exchange for an honest and original review.

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