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Spotlight: “Someone Like You” by T.L. Reese

Someone Like YouI can think of no better way than to usher in the Spotlight section of my humble book review blog than to feature a novella called “Someone Like You” by the lovely T.L. Reese – who, for clarity’s sake I should say, is friend of mine and graciously allowed me to read early copies of her first, self-published work. So without further ado…

A review of “Someone Like You”

Jamison Kingston was named after the drink that helped create just the right setting to bring her into the world. An inauspicious name doesn’t lead to an inauspicious life for her, though, as she creates a solid, steady life for herself. With her best friend Margo as her guide to living a life a little more in line with her name, Jamison manages what we all want – to live the best of every world.

This is never more true than when she, the BFF we all need in our lives, powers through illness to see a concert with and for Margo. The old proverb that an apple a doctor keeps the doctor away is twisted when illness brings Jamison directly and very literally into the arms of Santiago Vasquez, the performer and the reason for her attendance at the concert. The thing I love most about “Someone Like You” is that Jamison could be me. I see myself in her. She’s complicated enough that she’s a strong character, one you want to keep getting to know better, but she’s written in a way that makes her entirely relatable. Reading about her, about how she fell, literally – the word bears repeating, into the arms of a sexy singer who swept her off her feet, makes me want to live that life. For lack of being able to live it, just now anyway, I’m more than happy to live it vicariously through Jamison. I recommend you spend a buck and escape with Jamison and Santiago for a little while – “Someone Like You” on Amazon.

An interview with T.L. Reese

  • “Someone Like You” makes the locations; New York and Miami, very real parts of the story, almost like… tourist fiction. Do you write from experience in those cities or do you want to see the places Jamison does in the book?

I grew up right across the river in Jersey so I have definitely had my fair share of New York living. I went to Miami once a few years back but I didn’t get to see the places I outlined in Jamison’s story. I hope to follow in her footsteps really soon.

  • Is there any particular event in the story that’s borrowed from your life?

I would say the concert setting itself minus the fainting and meeting the incredibly hot guy 😉 but it sure was hot that that!

  • Everyone always asks if an author puts herself in her characters so… did you? How are you different from Jamison?

I can say without a doubt Jamison has a lot of my key characteristics right down to the ability to poke fun at herself but we are different in the sense that I would have been a lot more aggressive with Santiago. I like to be all in when in love.

  • If “Someone Like You” were being made into a movie, do you have a dream cast that would fill the roles or is it best left vague on the page?

I would love to see Enrique Iglesias as Santiago in fact he may have been a little of my inspiration while writing as for the rest of the cast I have no clue but I’m sure given time I could come up with a few names.

  • What’s one thing that would surprise people about you?

Surprisingly that I write, there were so many people I know who were shocked when I self published.

  • How do you get in the “zone” to write? Candles, music, a certain chair, fluffy slippers?

It depends but music is a very strong motivation, I slip in my ear buds put on a certain album with the tv on for added effect and just get busy.

  • Playlists – everybody talks about them when it comes to books so who and what did you listen to while you plotted, planned, and wrote?

For this particular story I didn’t really have a play list it all came to me while listening to a coworker on the phone with a client. The story just snowballed from there.

  • Do you have a favorite book or favorite author? Anything you’re absolutely sure you’ll never stop re-reading?

OMG, the list is endless but Tammara Webbers Easy and Breakable have been re-read so many times since I brought them. Her book hero is my certified book boyfriend or at least he was until I wrote Santiago 🙂

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