Reviewed: “Finding Sky” by Susan O’Brien

Finding Sky“Finding Sky” was an easy book to read. It was interesting. It was fun to read. It wasn’t at all what I expected.

It is the story of Nicki Valentine, a full-time mom and part-time PI, and her first case. Nicki’s best friend Kenna is adopting a baby and the birth mother goes missing. It’s enough to get interested right away. It’s fairly easy to tell from the cover that the story won’t be an edge of your seat suspense thriller with murder and mayhem, and that is what really does come across as unexpected.

Instead, the chick lit cover leads to a story filled with missing pregnant teens, gang wars, shootings in which no one is shot, small kids who like their grandmother’s junk food better than their busy mom’s vegetarian fare, sexy PI instructors, and a cast of supporting characters who each have an individual personality that really adds something to the story.

Read it if you need something light, easy, and with a good bit of mystery.

Plus, it’s the first in a series.

“Finding Sky” is available for purchase now.

(I received a copy of “Finding Sky” through NetGalley in exchange for an honest & original review. My review will be cross-posted on my blog, on NetGalley, and on Goodreads.)

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