Reviewed: “Bones of the Lost” by Kathy Reichs

Bones of the LostHaving spent the summer binge-watching every single episode of Bones on Netflix, I figured it was high time to try one of the Temperance Brennan books. So naturally I started with #16, because that’s what was on the shelf at my grocery store.

There’s really no gentler way to put this than to say it straight out – I love Bones, Booth, Angela, Hodgins, Cam, Sweets, and all the interns far too much to ever really love Brennan, “Skinny” Slidell, and the other people in the book.

BONES OF THE LOST has a good premise for a plot and I finished the book without ever putting it aside. I did skim parts. For example, it seems like Reichs could have worked the facts and figures about human trafficking, for example, into the plot better rather than spending two or three pages listing it. I was reading to be entertained. There are ways to entertain and teach at the same time. This books is not that.

For a relatively short book, there are also too many side stories and extra characters. Maybe I’d understand them more if I started with Temperance Brennan #1 but I didn’t. And I’m not really inclined to go back and start from the beginning.

I’ll just watch the show.

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