Reviewed: “Handpicked” by Dani Oden

HandpickedThis book checked off every stereotype idea I had about sororities. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. What may be a good thing is that the story was interesting enough that I read it in two days. Then again, maybe that says something too.

I don’t know.

Anyway, to the details–

Jill Holloway is convinced (maybe conned) into participating in Rush Week by her BFF Lindy Harris. Lindy comes from a long line of sorority girls and, as girls do, strength in numbers is everything. When the pair are selected for Iota Beta, Lindy is less than thrilled (although the author never bothers to make Jill curious enough to wonder just why her best friend -and Jill calls Lindy that a lot- is suddenly so disinterested) but Jill is over the moon. I was never really sure why. Perhaps the hot guy with the rose.

In the span of a few weeks, in which Jill seems to go to twice as many alcohol soaked (literally) frat parties as she does actual classes (never mind that she’s only taking three classes so it would, in the real world, take a ridiculously long time for her to graduate if she was even considered a full-time student), things unravel quickly.

You see, Jill, Lindy, and their new buddy Hannah are nosy snoops who seem to figure they’re pledges so why the hell shouldn’t they poke into everybody else’s business.

It doesn’t always go so well, but more details here would be spoiling the story. And the story is worth reading. It’s not a must read, but it offers up an entertaining few hours. Which is why I award it two stars instead of one.

Maybe I speak to soon. It does go well, I suppose in the end, with a cute little HEA in which the stereotypes come through again as the fuzzy haired, glasses wearing, Iota Beta wannabe who was scorned by the designer yoga pantsed and French manicured sisters tries to bring the entire chapter down. I won’t tell you if she gets caught or not. Suffice it to say, Jill’s dreams have a good chance of coming true.

Disclaimer-wise, I never joined a sorority and I only had a passing thought about maybe doing it when I was in college. Now I’m kind of glad I didn’t, if there’s any truth to this accounting of sorority life.

I received a copy of Handpicked through NetGalley in return for an honest & original review. This review will be posted there, on Goodreads, and on my blog.

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