Reviewed: “Her First American” by Lore Segal

Her First AmericanI wanted to like Lore Segal’s HER FIRST AMERICAN. I really did. I read the blurb on NetGalley and I wanted to read the book immediately. And I was thrilled when my request was accepted.

I don’t think this book is the one for me.

I read a quarter of the book, my test length for whether or not to read on. HER FIRST AMERICAN did not pass the test. It seemed repetitive in places. I didn’t feel connected to Ilka or to Carter. I understood the roles they were meant to play and the message they were meant to give in the story, but it wasn’t one I really wanted to read.

I hope I’m in the minority and many, many people love this book.

It’s available for purchase now.

(I received a copy of HER FIRST AMERICAN through NetGalley in exchange for an honest & original review. This review will be cross-posted at my blog, my Goodreads account, and NetGalley.)

2 thoughts on “Reviewed: “Her First American” by Lore Segal”

  1. Hi Nicole,

    I just know by reading the blurb, that this isn’t a book I would choose to read, unless specifically asked to do so as an author or publisher review request.

    I am a stubborn so and so though, and as yet, I have never given up on a book once I have started reading. Luckily for me though, your review has put me on the right path, without me wasting any time with this one.

    The only good thing about your copy is the cover art, compared to the very nondescript copy which Goodreads features.

    I hope that this is just a blip in your reading schedule and that your next book is more to your liking.


    1. I couldn’t even finish this when I tried to convince myself that I “had” to because I got a copy through NetGalley. It was just all wrong for me.

      My general rule of thumb is if I get a quarter of the way in and have zero interest in the outcome for the main two characters, I quit. And then I try to say so as politely as possible in my review.

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