Reviewed: “In Doubt” by Drusilla Campbell

In DoubtDrusilla Campbell has created something unique when things seem painfully familiar at times.

IN DOUBT, the story of a boy who can’t catch a break and a woman will never stop chasing the ever elusive break, is that unique thing. It’s categorized on Goodreads as a mystery but it’s more than that. It’s a story that’s a sampling of how society stands today.

Donny Crider is the boy who can’t catch a break. Even when he thinks he catches a break, there’s a terrible twist. Sophie Giraudo is the woman chasing the break, having spent a lifetime trying to figure out where she belongs and just how to get there.

They’re thrown together when Donny shoots the governor and his mother hires her to be his lawyer.

We’ve all seen it on television and online too many times; shooters and the headlines they rightly grab. What Campbell does that’s different is to remind anyone getting to know Sophie and Donny is that there’s always more to the story. Nothing is as cut and dry as it often seems when it is filtered down to us through the media. There’s a reason someone shoots someone, always. There’s also always a reason that the lawyer takes the case. And sometimes it’s even a noble reason. If not noble, exactly, at least a principled reason.

Sophie defends Donny because she believes the teenage boy has as much right to fairness and justice as anyone. She doesn’t try to get him off or prove he didn’t do it, because everyone knows he did. What she does is try to make the punishment he receives equal to the boy who did it… instead of the crime the boy did.

Perhaps we need to take that into account more, that the effect is important but the causes should always be considered.

IN DOUBT is real and, at times, raw. Everyone has their motivations and their goals. Some of those will do nothing more than cause problems for the people involved. Some of those will make life work smoother and easier. It’s reality.

IN DOUBT is an example that even when society seems to be at its darkest there will always be a ray of light to lead us… so long as we grab it and don’t let go.

IN DOUBT is available for purchase now. And you should purchase it.

(I received a copy of IN DOUBT through NetGalley in exchange for an honest, original review. My review is cross-posted at NetGalley, Goodreads, and on my blog.)

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