Reviewed: “Only With You” by Lauren Layne

Only With YouLauren Layne’s ONLY WITH YOU is an absolutely adorable, completely addictive, infinitely enjoyable book.

That is truly the long and the short of it.

This contemporary romance is the story of Sophie Dalton, a cocktail waitress mistaken for a hooker on a bachelorette weekend in Vegas, and Grayson Wyatt, the uber-rich CEO who mistakes Sophie for a hooker on a bachelorette weekend in Vegas. Naturally, the story of Sophie and Gray doesn’t end in the elevator when he promises he’s not interested in paying for sex with her.

The plot could be stale and hokey; given the number of times it’s been done.

It isn’t.

The plot is fresh, engaging, and very much likable.

Sophie isn’t a clueless cocktail waitress who falls fast and hard for Gray, being almost entirely defined by her attraction to him. She’s a law school dropout who, while seeming very much sure of herself, experiences the self-doubt that any woman feels about her path in life. She’s got many layers to her and that makes her relatable.

Gray may wear mostly gray suits and designer jeans when he absolutely has to be casual but he isn’t gray. He’s got as many layers as Sophie does. He wants to be liked, he wants to be loved… he doesn’t quite know quite know how to do either thing. More than that, he doesn’t always believe that people might want to like or love him. The moments when he shows true vulnerabilities and weaknesses are some of the best in the story.

It would be easy to have a story just about Sophie and Gray – and I would read that book. The supporting characters in Layne’s story, who will be featured in the next book in the series, are Sophie’s by-the-book-sister Brynn and her platonic, ladies’ man best friend Will. Brynn and Will define the idea of a love-hate relationship and the taste of it in ONLY WITH YOU made sure that I will read the next book.

But I’ll come back to this one, there’s no doubt about that.

ONLY WITH YOU is available now for purchase as an ebook.

(I received a copy of ONLY WITH YOU from NetGalley in return for an honest, original review. This review will be cross-posted on my blog, NetGalley, and on Goodreads.)

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