Reviewed: “The Sweet Spot” by Stephanie Evanovich

The Sweet SpotI don’t really know what to say about Stephanie Evanovich’s THE SWEET SPOT.

I suppose I’ll start with the cover. It was misleading. There’s a woman smiling behind a feather. It’s very pleasing to the eye and very benign. Suffice it to say, even though I read the promo blurb that made me enter the giveaway – ableit awhile before I got the book, I was startled to discover it was a book essentially about sexualized spanking.

I do remember reading the blurb and thinking it wasn’t something I usually read and it couldn’t hurt to try and think outside the box. But it kind of did.

I didn’t really like Amanda or Chase, the spankee or the spanker. Amanda is introduced as an independent, headstrong woman with a business of her own. Chase is a nationally famous baseball player who exudes confidence.

Chase Walker is kind of a stalker, to be honest. He sees a girl once and comes to her restaurant every day that his schedule allows for weeks until she agrees to go out with him. It’s at times endearing and at times creepy.

Amanda plays the ultimate game of hard-to-get but when she gives in, she falls spectacularly into giving in with her entire body and mind.

After all, who knew spanking could be so much fun?

I jest. This story isn’t very much fun. I admit that I expected more, you know, sex. Flat out, good old sex. Even some BDSM maybe. But it’s not there. Just spanking. Lots and lots of spanking.

There are a few cringeworthy scenes involving spanking too. When Amanda gets turned on (read – her butt tingles at the thought of his hand… and really he’s just got the seat warmer in his Jag turned up) and when her father (a maybe future Senator!) discusses the one time he spanked her (not sexually, of course) with Chase after the country finds out the golden boy of baseball has a kinky side.

Long story short, there’s too much spanking for me and not enough plot.

Maybe I did know what to say.

(I received a copy of THE SWEET SPOT through the Goodreads First Reads giveaway program in exchange for an honest review. This review will be cross-posted on my blog and on Goodreads.)

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