Reviewed: “The Three” by Sarah Lotz

The ThreeSarah Lotz’s THE THREE is one of those books that I couldn’t put down until the last twenty-five pages … and then I wanted to throw the book across the room.

I can’t help but think if the last twenty-five pages didn’t exist then maybe, just maybe, I’d be able to give the book three stars instead of two.

In summary, four planes crash (Japanese, American, British, and South African) at almost exactly the same time. There are three survivors and they are all children, and all from different planes.

The point of the story, the larger point, seems to be a commentary on our society today. Twenty-four hour media, hard-line evangelical Christianity, an uncertain future for humanity, and the never-ending need to understand or have a reason for everything inevitably lead to a worse fate for the families of the children who survived than necessary.

This is what happens in our society.

In terms of this fictional book, which is actually a fictional “book” about a fictional series of plane crashes, I liked it. The “author” of the “book” carefully breaks down and displays what would happen if it were all real. The chapters are interviews she did and accounts she took from people who experienced it. The “author” doesn’t offer much opinion on the matter until the very end – the part I wanted to throw the book over – and that works because I could form my own opinions about the characters Lotz created.

And then came the “update” to the third or fourth printing of the “book”.

Reading those last twenty-five pages made me feel like an idiot for finding entertainment in the rest of the so-called book. I don’t want to be told I’m foolish for enjoying something and that’s how I felt when I read the end of Lotz’s creation.

I don’t even care anymore that I don’t know if it’s aliens or angels or just luck of the draw.

(I received a copy of THE THREE as part of the Goodreads First Reads giveaway program. This review is cross-posted between my blog & my Goodreads account.)

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