Reviewed: “Gone With the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell

How do I begin to write a review of Gone With the Wind?

Maybe like this:

I loved every word of Gone With the Wind.

Yes, that’ll do just fine. You see, it’s true so it’s the best possible beginning.

I can’t believe I’m the age I am and I’ve only just read this book that everyone knows and everyone has an opinion of. I admit that I spent a very long time searching my parents’ house for my mother’s old copy of the book. I couldn’t find it. And I was apparently too cheap to buy my own copy. I admit this too, why not?

I’ve got a copy, finally, and I think maybe I was just meant to wait until now to read it and appreciate it and love it.

It’s hard to decided what to say I loved because, let’s face it, you all know the story and a review that rehashes the book would be a very boring review indeed. That’s the problem with reviewing amazing books, I think – that no matter what I saw about them, I will always feel as though I’m doing a disservice to, in this case, Margaret Mitchell.

So I’ll tell you what I thought when I, very reluctantly, read the last lines of the book.

More than anything, I felt sympathy for Rhett. He wasn’t the perfect, most well-behaved, upstanding man. He never pretended to be that. His fatal flaw, though, was that he let himself love Scarlett when he knew very well who she was. Too people so alike will never be truly happy together. For all his protestations of not being a marrying man or one who could really love a woman, he let himself down.

I felt sympathy for Scarlett too, but not so much. She was a naive girl, a product of her upbringing, but by the end of the book – when Melanie’s dying breath was used to tell her that Rhett cared for her – she really could have grown more. She grew in so many other ways, why not that one?

I don’t think I’ll read the sequels or the recently announced prequel. I don’t think I’d like them. Scarlett and Rhett are what Mitchell wrote them to be and that’s all then need to be for me to be very happy.

I read the book fast though, faster than I expected, so there isn’t any doubt that I will read it again soon.

This isn’t the best review I’ve written, not by a long shot, but like I said – I’m not good at reviewing books I love absolutely. I can’t help it.

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