Reviewed: “Opposites Attack” by Jo Maeder

Opposites Attack by Jo Maeder is the story of Alyce, a rich young woman engaged to a richer young man who happens to have an illegitimate son and a controlling mother. Seeking to escape said fiance, said would-be stepson, and said controlling mother, Alyce decides to up and move to France to, naturally, learn to speak French. The school she attends, I vaguely remember it being said that it was in Provence, places it’s students with local families for immersion learning of the language and culture. Sadly, everything that can go wrong for Alyce does go wrong for Alyce. She offends some kindly old farmers, she… I forget the second thing she does, she has sex at a convent, and she is horribly judgmental about her last host. Said last host, a typically tortured French writer named Jean-Luc has a thing for women and a thing for spending money on women. The two never mix well. So the slightly conniving woman who runs the school Alyce takes lessons from, who also happens to be Jean-Luc’s sister, places Alyce with him in the hopes that she’ll calm him down.

Jean-Luc falls for Alyce and, much to her at first endearing and then infinitely annoying confusion, she falls for him. But she’s engaged to Nelson! What to do, what to do?

Go ahead with the marriage of course, especially since Nelson manages to knock Alyce up the first time they have sex when he visits France. You know, because she figures “Eh, what the hell? No condom and I forgot to take my pill? No biggie, we’re getting married anyway.” But, alas, Nelson does not want a baby so when World War III breaks out in the now completely broke Jean-Luc’s kitchen, Alyce loses the baby.

Next on the to-do list on our lovely Alyce? Moving in with Jean-Luc, who is happily no longer broke, and living happily ever after.

Of course.

Lots more happens in the story, so I didn’t really spoil it for you. If it’s your thing, you’ll like it. I don’t think it’s my thing and I’m glad I got it as a free download on Amazon.

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