Reviewed: “The Juror” by George Dawes Green

The Juror by George Dawes Green is a novel, that was later made into a movie staring Demi Moore, about a single mother who ends up as a juror for the trial of a mob boss accused of killing another, smaller boss. I finished the book awhile ago, and I’m catching up with my reviews, but I realize now how appropriate it is given the recent George Zimmerman trial and the jurors from that trial that have spoken out about what it was like to serve.

The woman, Annie, has the life of her son threatened if she doesn’t hang the jury. She feels like she has no choice but to do as she’s told.

Stories like this book are the reasons people try everything they can to get out of jury duty. I don’t know if things like this really happen. They probably do. That’s the sad part of it all.

I suppose I don’t really have much more to say than that because it’s not that complicated of a book. There’s nothing earth-shattering there. It’s a good, intriguing read but it’s gone before you know it and you’re happy you finished a book but there’s nothing that really and truly stays with you.

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