I’m behind, and I don’t care

I’m behind on my Goodreads pledge to read 52 books this year, to be more specific. According to their handy little counter/guilt-inducer, I’m now two books behind.

But I don’t care.


Because I have finally found a book amazing, heartbreaking, beautiful, haunting, and entrancing enough that I want to savor every word, and I can savor every word as I read it slowly and let each word and hidden meaning sink deep into my soul.

There’s no rushing to get to the end, no not being able to put the book down.

I don’t want to get to the end and the book is so deep that I have to put it down or my mind will shut down.

I’m reading Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks and that’s why I’m happily two books behind on my goal.

I’ll post a proper review when I finish it. And I never want to finish it.

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