In a book funk…

I’m in a book reading funk. I can’t settle on something to read. I keep pulling books off my shelf, starting them, and stopping.

I hate being in a book reading funk.

Happily, I think *knocks on wood* and *crosses fingers* I’ve finally found something that just might hold my interest.

According to the “about the author” thing in the back, it’s apparently splatterpunk – until I Googled that term just now, I didn’t know what it is… apparently it’s graphic, gory horror fiction.

So I’ll try splatterpunk by S.P. Somtow (the book is Moon Dance) and see if I can’t get out of my funk.

After all, twenty-eight pages in and there’s an Austrian werewolf in the Dakotas in 1963 who came to America with a Duke in the late 1800’s and became known as the Laramie Ripper after he, you know, turned into a werewolf and tore a bunch of people apart with his teeth. How could that not break me out of my funk???

4 thoughts on “In a book funk…”

  1. I absolutely do not mind getting book recommendations. I’d heard something good about one of her books, but I can’t remember the title – maybe something that takes place in the Belgian Congo? Then I never remember to look for her when I’m looking for new books. She, and The Lacuna, are on my list now. Thanks very much!

  2. The Belgian Congo one is called “The Poisonwood Bible.” I had to read it for my AP Language class in 11th grade. …It was kind of depressing, but I enjoyed Adah’s POV because would come up with these interesting palindromes.

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