In a book funk…

I’m in a book reading funk. I can’t settle on something to read. I keep pulling books off my shelf, starting them, and stopping.

I hate being in a book reading funk.

Happily, I think *knocks on wood* and *crosses fingers* I’ve finally found something that just might hold my interest.

According to the “about the author” thing in the back, it’s apparently splatterpunk – until I Googled that term just now, I didn’t know what it is… apparently it’s graphic, gory horror fiction.

So I’ll try splatterpunk by S.P. Somtow (the book is Moon Dance) and see if I can’t get out of my funk.

After all, twenty-eight pages in and there’s an Austrian werewolf in the Dakotas in 1963 who came to America with a Duke in the late 1800’s and became known as the Laramie Ripper after he, you know, turned into a werewolf and tore a bunch of people apart with his teeth. How could that not break me out of my funk???


4 thoughts on “In a book funk…

  1. Nicole O December 2, 2012 / 2:18 pm

    I absolutely do not mind getting book recommendations. I’d heard something good about one of her books, but I can’t remember the title – maybe something that takes place in the Belgian Congo? Then I never remember to look for her when I’m looking for new books. She, and The Lacuna, are on my list now. Thanks very much!

  2. Jaclyn :D December 2, 2012 / 11:11 pm

    The Belgian Congo one is called “The Poisonwood Bible.” I had to read it for my AP Language class in 11th grade. …It was kind of depressing, but I enjoyed Adah’s POV because would come up with these interesting palindromes.

    • Nicole O December 5, 2012 / 10:44 pm

      That’s it! Thank you very much! I suppose I could have Googled that, but thank you. 🙂

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