Reviewed: “House of Thunder” by Dean Koontz

I’ve read some Dean Koontz books and liked them.

One thing I like about his books are that they’re fairly easy reads; short chapters, interesting yet not too complicated plots, and something you enjoy without having to work too hard for it. Even more than that, I’m the type of person who always tries to guess the ending/explanation of books and I have never yet correctly guessed a Dean Koontz story. Ever.

House of Thunder is no different.

I immediately had my suspicions about the Willawauk, Oregon hospital where Susan Thorton woke up from an extended coma. Dr. Viteski didn’t seem quite right and that was only proven more true when he didn’t appear at all after the first five pages until the last ten. My worry about him was all that I got right.

I was wrong about the handsome and kind Dr. McGhee, the sweet and nice nurse, the caring boss Phil Gomez, and even the people Susan was so sure were haunting her after a brutal attack on her boyfriend thirteen years earlier.

I won’t say what I guessed, or what was right, because that would obviously spoil everything.

What I will say is that if you like easy reads with good stories and Dean Koontz’s stories are something you like … read this book. It’ll be good.

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