Book Sale Buys

So yesterday I went my local library’s used book sale and got seven books for the happily low price of $2.50. You really can’t be that.

Here’s what I got… How’d I do?

I haven’t read, and don’t yet own, the first in the Jean Auel series, but I intend to. So I’ve started “The 6th Lamentation” already because I’m a sucker for anything related to World War II. Next on my list, I think will be “Angels & Demons” followed by “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “O Pioneers!”.


3 thoughts on “Book Sale Buys”

    1. Thank you! Have you read all six books in the Auel series? My mother’s been telling me about them and she can’t find her copies, so I’ll have to find the first one. I was very surprised, though, that so many books I’d been thinking about buying were right there among the thousands of choices. That doesn’t usually happen!

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