A Reading Resolution

It’s not January 1, but I’ve decided to make a resolution – this one regarding reading and, in honor of what I titled this blog, adventures with words.

If you’ve been to Google lately (and really, who hasn’t?), you might have noticed the Play option on the Google homepage. I’ve discovered that one of things included in Google Play are books. E-books, of course, and since I steadfastly refuse to get an e-reader you wouldn’t think that it would interest me at all. But it does, because you can read the books on your computer or laptop. And it gets better, they have a lot of free books, especially classics – which I want to read more of.

So, since I am admittedly addicted to my computer and the internet, I am hereby resolving to read some of the free classics on Google Play while I indulge in my addiction.

Now, what to start with…

1 thought on “A Reading Resolution”

  1. Wow – I had no clue about this feature.as I don’t usually pay attention to the top bar. I checked it out – and wow – lots of classics for free (even very popular ones). Thanks for sharing this info!

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