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True Crime Novels

My mother and my sister swear by true crime books. They’ve read dozens, I think. So, when I couldn’t find anything I wanted to read last week, I borrowed some of their books. The one I started is called Death Trap and it’s written by M. William Phelps and I’ll be using that as a base for this post.

Have you ever watched the Investigation Discovery channel? I have. It’s sort of addicting.

The narrators of the shows, whether they’re original to ID or repeats of things on NBC or CBS, have a certain way of talking. In very short sentences. For dramatic effect.

It works too. You get interested to the real-life victims and criminals because of the conversational tone of the narration.

I’m realizing it doesn’t work as well in true crime books. Not at all. I feel like a kid. Reading a book. For the first time.

I’m going to read the rest of the book because it is interesting, I just feel a tad silly reading it. Maybe if I read it really fast, it’ll flow together better.

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